Community Comes Together after Chaos of Kincade

By Audrey Moessing, copy editor

Two arches of firehose water form a heart, embracing a lush Sonoma County landscape. A wildfire burns surrounding it, fought off by firefighters in the slim perimeter between flames and homes. The detail is amazing, the color rich, the subject poignant and powerful for all faced the 2019 and 2017 fires; it’s a beautiful mural.

“We wanted to pay respect and give back to the first responders,” said junior Jonathan Liu, who worked with a a group of about ten others, including fellow juniors Aurora Lee and Teresa Liang to design and paint the piece.

“We met together at our art teacher’s house…during the week we had off” said Liang. According to Liu, they decided on a mural as “the best option because all of us paint.” “It was our own way to contribute” Lee added. 

They first met on Tuesday to design the piece and then painted through Sunday. It’s a large painting, so they decided to divide the work between “16 to 20 canvases” according to Liang. Each person worked on a section, and they eventually pieced it together. 

Now that the mural is complete, it is being displayed at events like the Windsor Harvest Festival and Together Concert, held Nov. 16. There and on an online gofundme, the students are asking for donations in order to reproduce a copy of their work and “send to the 506 stations that helped” said Liang. 

The mural’s ultimate destination is not certain, but will “most likely be the Windsor fire station” according to Liang. 

Donations can be made at

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