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November artist of the month: Michael Moeller

By Avery Perkins, business manager

Michael Moeller can make some noise. You may know him from Chambers Singers, but he’s also very present in the band programs here at MCHS. With a special place in his heart for trombone, watching him in his favorite group, the MCHS Honors Jazz Band, will leave you speechless. 

Perkins:When did you start playing?

Moeller: “ I started playing Trombone in elementary school but I didn’t start practicing or knowing what I was doing till I was in middle school. I love making music, I don’t necessarily love practicing or playing on my own. Its more about making a cool song with other people.” 

P: What drew you to your instrument?

M: “Well actually I didn’t want to do band at all in elementary school, I was in a study hall math class instead because I thought band was boring. My mom made me choose an instrument and the trombone looked cool.”

P: Have you ever considered playing after high school professionally or in college?

M: “Yeah, definitely in college. I’m not going to major in it, but I definitely want to play for fun in university groups.” 

P: What has been the hardest part of playing Trombone?

M: “The hardest part is finding groups to play in. School groups are great, but sometimes you’re looking for people who want to play outside of school and other curriculums. Trying to find a jazz band that’s willing to work hard and play well is really important and when people aren’t willing to work hard at something its disappointing for everyone else.” 

P: What is a favorite moment from your years as a musician?

M: The Folsom Festival last year was a state wide jazz competition and our school has never made it to the night concert, but we placed so well that we played behind the world famous Big Phat Band which is the biggest jazz band in the world right now and we got to play on the same stage as them. We also got to play in the night concert where we played for Gordon Goodwin who is the biggest modern Jazz composer right now, and all the really famous players were there that night. It was really crazy because no Carrillo group has ever made it that far.” 

P: What advice do you have for someone interested in learning how to play an instrument?

M: “ Find other people and a genre of music that you enjoy playing because practicing on your own is definitely going to make you better, but if there’s not something that you’re really driving to towards all the time then you’re never going to have a reason to get really good.”

P: You are also in choir here on campus, is there any overlap between the two?

M:” I would say the skills I picked up from band definitely helped me in choir and gave me a little bit of an edge which let me do better in choir than I definitely would have.”

P: What drew you to join choir while you were in band?M: “ A bunch of my friends wanted to do choir and we all auditioned for chamber singer for fun.  They all got into men’s choir and I got into chambers, which was surprising and kind of weird but it ended up being super fun.”

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