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December Artist Of The Month: Audrey Anderson

By Avery Perkins, business manager

Leaping across the stage, Audrey Anderson is quite the talented dancer. For the past two years she has held two of the most important roles in the Nutcracker. Her dedication to her craft will leave anyone she meets speechless, because aside from being a talented dancer, she is academically driven as well and is planning on going into one of the branches of the military. 

Perkins:How long have you been dancing?

Anderson: Since I was three, but my training started when I was 10.

P:What has been your favorite show that you have been in? 

A: Well, we have only done the Nutcracker and Spring Showcases at my ballet school, but my favorite is the Nutcracker because there are more things to do.

P:Last year and this year you have had important roles in the Nutcracker. How much have you had to train?

A: I double casted for Princess Clara both this year and last year, and I also did the Arabian Soloist and the Mouse Queen. Each week I train an average of 18 hours with both class and rehearsal. Outside of ballet, for stamina, I go on runs.

P:Have you enjoyed being a big part of the show? 

A: Yes, being on the stage is fun, and I find the best part of myself on stage.

P: Do you think you will continue to dance after high school?

A: Unlikely. Right now I am applying for the Coast Guard and the Naval Academy and they don’t really have dance programs. Besides, dance doesn’t make much of a career, and even if I do pursue a career, it is very competitive and the chances of getting an injury go up.

P:Who has been your biggest inspiration for dancing?

A: My teacher, [Tamara Statkoun]; she’s retired now. She was a principle in Russia with Saint Petersburg. She was really amazing. With her Russian blood she was really harsh, but at the same time that pushed me to do better every day.

P:What are your plans for after high school?

A: If I can’t get into one of the academies (Coast Guard or Naval), I’m going to stay local. If I do, then I will probably continue dancing because I still have one year left with my company because I am a year advanced. One of my teachers has a Broadway company, and I was thinking of asking her about it because a few years back we did Can-Can and other fun Broadway dances.

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