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Puma superfan Pravin returns to lead sidelines in cheer

By Owen Pugh, sports editor

Roneet Pravin is back in the heart of Maria Carrillo High School’s student section after MCHS Administration has al- lowed him to begin attending games again.

Pravin had led a packed student section in riotous cheers on Oct. 17 when MCHS volleyball team bested league champion Cardinal Newman at home.

“Me and a bunch of my friends were making comments that helped our team win,” Pravin said of his yells.

After the game, MCHS Administration had a talk with Pravin, a senior, about his behavior at games.

Two months later, on Dec. 12, Pravin was ejected by an official at a Puma men’s basketball game at Cardinal Newman after stepping onto the court during play, leading MCHS Administration to ban him from all basketball games for the rest of the season. They initially made an exception for senior night as long as he was on good behavior.

After a month of Pravinless basketball games and a bit of a lacking student section, the MCHS varsity men’s basket- ball wanted Pravin back at the

“We really need the energy,” said starting senior guard Carson Jones of Pravin.

Having Pravin in the stands meant so much to the team that they decided to talk to Principal Katie Barr on Jan. 23 to try to reinstate Pravin into the student section ahead of the team’s biggest regular season home game against Healdsburg. After talking to Assistant Principal Albert Ettedgui and Athletic Director Jerry Deakins about the team’s request, she called Pravin up to her office the day of the Healdsburg game and informed him that the ban had been lifted, barring any bad behavior.

“Roneet, I think is a model Puma,” said Ettedgui of why the administration decided to reverse his ban.

“His heart and spirit are de- voted to this school,” Ettedgui continued, “[and] we wanted to be able to celebrate him.”

Over the past four years Pravin has been a big part of the Puma student section. He was recently voted by his classmates as “Most Spirited” for Yearbook’s Senior Superlatives and will now get to continue to live up to that title.

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