Does Israel still need US support?

by Dante Benedetti, opinion editor

For quite some time now America has been involved in Israel. This began in 1949 when the United States became allies with the small nation after World War II. For years after, the US has helped protect the country against the many surrounding countries that are constantly trying to attack and control it. This year, as with others, Israel is a talking point in the presidential election. However, I find myself asking: does another nation really need to be yet another thing parties disagree about?

With the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency, Israel has received much help and support from his administration, most likely more than any other. The largest and most radical action the Trump Administration took in aiding Israel happened in December of 2017, when President Trump announced that the U.S. officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and that the moving of the American embassy to there would begin immediately. This move was very controversial because the Palistinians also claim Jerusalem as their capital, and moving the embassy there essentially declares Israel’s ownership over the city. In fact, the main controversy arises between this year’s presidential candidates on this topic. Democratic nominee Joe Biden has expressed plans to revive U.S. financial aid to support the Palestinians that was cut off by Trump if he were elected, implying his support of both groups.

So, even though what Trump did benefited Israel, it only brought up more controversy in our own country, and we must ask ourselves: is it worth it? I believe that Israel, although not being harmed by US involvement, does not necessarily need it. As most of you may know, Israel hadn’t been a nation for almost 2,000 years. The Jews were a people without a land until 1948 when it was given back to them, which many Christians and Jews viewed as fulfillment of biblical prophecy. This is a nation that has faced much hardship over centuries and has continued to persevere. Israel seems like a country that would fare well on its own against another country in a border dispute.

In light of the upcoming election, I feel that Israel should not be something voters look to when deciding who to vote for. I don’t believe that the election of one candidate or the other will affect Israel in a profound way. Israel is perfectly capable of standing on its own, or at least with the help of another country, and America should focus on itself and making changes within.

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