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MCHS drama department adapts to online theater

by Sam Leitch, editor Ask any member of Maria Carrillo High School’s drama department, and they will tell you the value of rehearsals. And although the theater itself could use renovations, it is hard to imagine performing anywhere else–let alone online. However, despite the challenges that come with recalibrating natural cadences to Zoom lag or […]


First Madam Vice-President: Why did it take so long?

by Josephine Rivera-Hoagland, staff writer Argentina. India. England. The Philippines. All of these countries have had female leaders, and yet in the United States, having a woman as second in command is a breakthrough.  Kamala Harris will serve as the first female, first Indian, and first African American vice president alongside Democratic president-elect Joe Biden.  […]

Arts & Entertainment

MCHS band takes new approach to winter concert

by Sam Leitch, editor As Maria Carrillo High School band director Matt Bringedahl welcomed the audience to the 2020 Winter Concert, it was clear that this was no typical concert by any means: for one, Bringedahl stitched every recording together using Soundtrap, and the performances were streamed through YouTube. However, it was still a resounding […]