Return to Hybrid Learning Brings New Safety Measures

Photo Courtesy of Gus Cromwell, The Puma Prensa

by Kyle Wu, editor

With the onset of hybrid learning, Maria Carrillo High School’s administration is implementing measures to allow students to return to campus safely.

According to Assistant Principal Albert Ettedgui, approximately half of the Carrillo population opted for hybrid, with about 400 students in each cohort. 

Ettedgui states that the primary defense in preventing disease spread is an online individual health screening on ParentSquare. Both students and staff are required to complete this every day they are on campus.

In addition, there will be a team of campus supervisors, which consists of school administration and two campus advisers, constantly patrolling the campus. Each member has a designated hour to monitor the campus, including the hallways and bathrooms.

Students move about in the quad during the passing period.

“We need to be out and about and visible, instead of in our office space,” said Ettedgui.

The team of campus supervisors is also responsible for enforcing social distancing when students move between classrooms during the two passing periods. However, Assistant Principal Andrew Campbell is not concerned about virus transmission during this time.

“We’re fortunate that Carrillo spaces are mostly outdoors, so there’s less of a chance of disease spread.”

“It’s really a very short time,” said Campbell. “We’re fortunate that Carrillo spaces are mostly outdoors, so there’s less of a chance of disease spread.”

Ettedgui claims that although the supervising is meant to enforce social distancing guidelines, they need to be vocal in a friendly way, relying on friendly reminders to help students remember to follow guidelines.

“Staff and students need to be friendly and show mutual respect because we really are all in this together,” said Ettedgui.

MCHS staff are working to ensure the safety of classrooms as well. Each class will have a maximum occupancy of 16 people at any given time and will be provided with personal protective equipment, including hand sanitizer and gloves.

Furthermore, according to Government/Economics teacher Trevor Brady, who is teaching both hybrid and online, which is being called “simultaneous instruction,” teachers can request additional materials to protect their students. These include Plexiglas shields on desks and a portable hand-washing station to “allow students to feel comfortable.”

“Most teachers are taking measures to make students more comfortable and want to come back,” said Brady.

The school has also implemented a procedure to take care of students who show signs of being infected. According to Ettedgui, school administrators will be notified, and the student will be dismissed from class. Administrators will then escort the student to a designated isolation room. Parents will be notified so that they can pick up their student right away. Any student who has shown symptoms of COVID will be required to take a COVID test and have negative results before they can return to school. 

Brady acknowledges that he would like to see more definitive norms regarding how the school handles certain situations, such as sick students or students breaking protocol. Despite this, he is very excited to return to campus.

“It’s really a privilege to be back on campus. The staff and students are all excited to be back.”

“It’s really a privilege to be back on campus,” said Brady. “The staff and students are all excited to be back.”

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