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Lovely flavors, fun presentation

Warm welcoming entrance to China Village (All Photos: Jungyeon Lee, The Puma Prensa)

by Jungyeon Lee, staff writer

I had the pleasure of visiting China Village with my mom for dinner. I noticed it was very popular, so I was excited to try it.

My first pleasant surprise was how well the interior was decorated. The lighting gave a cozy atmosphere, and there were decorations hanging on the wall and shelves displaying decorative porcelain and a variety of wines. 

Seating past a few of the decorations and entrance

The restaurant provides chef’s recommendations, which include chow mein, soup, rice, appetizers and drinks. Most of the dishes cost $10 to $20 each. We ordered a black pepper beef steak on a sizzling platter, from the chef’s recommendation, and a house special chow mein. 

*Black Pepper Beef Steak Plate

The food there was very memorable, not just because of the taste, but how they were served. The beef steak was grilled on a hot stone plate on a separate table before being served, which was fun to look at. The meat was juicy, and the sauce that came with it had a mild spicy flavor but wasn’t enough to be considered hot. The chow mein and fried noodles tasted a little sweet, which was nice, and the noodles fit well with the vegetables mixed in the dish. The only negative was that the noodles were a little bit too greasy for my personal taste. However, I would definitely recommend the black pepper beef steak. 

*Fried Rice and Chow Mein

The staff is friendly, and most foods I’ve tried there were great with reasonable prices. I’ve been there several times since I went there for the review, and most things I ordered from their menu were delicious. Even though the restaurant offers both dine-in and to-go, I would recommend dining in the restaurant first and bringing the leftovers home instead because some foods are supposed to be served on a sizzling stone plate or in some other special methods and are best when they are hot. Overall, the restaurant is a nice place to dine in when you want to try out Chinese cuisines. 

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