How To Register and Pre-Register To Vote in California

Voter Registration Forms at the Rincon Valley Library (Photo: Josephine Rivera-Hoagland, The Puma Prensa) by Josephine Rivera-Hoagland, features editor The youngest eligible voters (18-24) currently have the lowest voter turnout in the United States, hovering around or below 50 percent for the past 20 years in presidential elections. The younger generations, though, have the most […]


MCHS Parody Instagram Accounts: Funny or Invasive?

Isaac Lopez looking at the “mariacarrillo_feet” account (Photo: Maitri Rane, The Puma Prensa) by Maitri Rane, staff writer You may have noticed multiple Instagram accounts trying to follow you with “mchs” in their names. Many of these, created by Maria Carrillo High School students, share images of students and teachers without their consent.  There are […]

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Zoftig Eatery-fantastic fresh food for all

Maccabi Bowl at Zoftig Eatery (Photo: Brooke Cregan, The Puma Prensa) by Brooke Cregan, staff writer Perfectly balanced lattes, salty yet sweet scones, fresh colorful salads, heavenly fries that satisfy any craving, sandwiches with soft buttered bread that soothes a growling stomach–Zoftig Eatery has something for everyone. Matt and Sonjia Spector, parents of Maria Carrillo […]