COVID safety protocols elicit mixed reactions from students

Provided supplies for covid found in classrooms (Photo by, Raffaella Bravo The Puma Prensa)

by Raffaella Bravo, staff writer

Upon returning to campus from winter break, classrooms were a lot more empty than usual. A sudden flow of N-95 masks were seen upon the faces of students and teachers, and double, even triple masking started to occur. With the significant spike in COVID-19 cases, the school placed new mandates to restrict the spread of the virus and keep the student body safe. With the spike, administrators and students reflect on the importance and effects of the regulations. 

Albert Ettedgui, Maria Carrillo High School assistant principal, claims, “[COVID regulations] are constantly changing.” He continued to talk about how it is tough to understand these new guidelines and further transfer that information to students and parents. Furthermore, other administrations are sometimes called to help him because there is an overload of questions from parents. He expressed how the district is putting continuous effort to keep students safe and to keep everyone informed of the constantly changing mandates. “I am proud of our district and our superintendent…it makes me proud that we are sharing information getting out into our community,” said Ettedgui. Additionally, he said that students can find these new mandates posted on ParentSquare to keep themselves informed. Based on this, students have something to say about the covid requirements that have been imposed.

“Sticking to what we all know is best, wearing your mask properly, washing your hands throughout the day, wiping down surfaces is what keeps yourself and everyone safe,”

-Mica Adams

Andrea Martinez, MCHS sophomore, believes that there should be different protocols for vaccinated and unvaccinated because there is a higher risk for one group. “I think it is safer if you are vaccinated, so quarantining for ten days rather than two weeks seems fair. If you have the booster, it is even better,” she said.  

MCHS sophomore Micah Cardona feels that spending a little more money on COVID tests for the school is the way to go, especially for people who are asymptomatic. He criticizes the fact that many students with COVID continue to attend school and endanger others. “I heard and know kids that do have COVID but are still at school and not quarantining, and they should just take the responsibility and stay home,” said Cardona. Whether you test positive for COVID or have symptoms, he argues that you should be quarantined for at least ten days.

Finally, junior Mica Adams believes that teachers are doing a good job supplying to keep themselves and others safe, with cleaning wipes, hand sanitizers, masks, and even N-95 masks in some rooms. She considers COVID safety to be more of the students’ responsibility because teachers give students the options to be safe. “Sticking to what we all know is best, wearing your mask properly, washing your hands throughout the day, wiping down surfaces is what keeps yourself and everyone safe,” said Adams.   

Overall, student perspectives differ, but they all have in common a desire to keep one another safe to keep the COVID surge low.

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