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Acme Burger- the perfect new burger stop

Front of Acme Burger restaurant in Santa Rosa (Photo: Brooke Cregan, The Puma Prensa)

by Brooke Cregan, staff writer

The juicy, mouth-watering burger dripping with specialty sauce was my favorite part of trying Acme Burger. Acme Burger opened up a new location in Santa Rosa in August of 2021 after the success of the first location’s opening in Cotati.

Upon arrival, I immediately enjoyed the retro decorations adorning the interior and exterior. It had an American theme, which fit well with the style of food. The restaurant was surrounded by windows, which made the whole place feel open and bright. They also had foosball tables in the back dining room. Overall, the atmosphere was great for families and friends to enjoy.

I was very impressed by the large variety of choices on their menu. They have an extensive selection of burger toppings, such as onion rings, applewood smoked bacon, homemade chili, 10 kinds of cheese, truffle butter, caramelized onions and even an organic egg. The choices seemed almost endless.
The prices are also pretty good for a sit-down restaurant. A combo that includes a single Acme Burger, shoestring fries, and a fountain drink costs $11.24. The price can stack up quickly with additional toppings, but overall it is worth it for the quality and quantity of the food.

Sweet potato fries, tater tots, and garlic fries at Acme Burger

I was also fascinated by their unique side choices, like sweet potato tots. They have five different types of fries including Cajun fries and chili cheese fries, along with many other options. I was pleased to see they also have healthier options, such as fresh salads and Beyond Burgers for those looking for a vegetarian alternative. Their menu went on with items like chicken, fish, pork, sausages and soup. Also, the menu is not limited to savory food: There are shakes and ice cream for dessert.

The food looked delicious when it arrived. I ordered the Sonoma Mountain Beef Company burger and garlic fries. The burger also tasted excellent. It was juicy and cooked perfectly, and I loved the “Awesome Sauce,” which tasted similar to In-N-Out’s delicious sauce. The fries were definitely good, but they could not compare to the burger. My whole family found the side dishes to be a little too greasy, but besides that, I had no complaints. My mom tried the tater tots and appreciated the nice crispiness they had to them along with the perfect sprinkling of salt.

Overall, I loved the atmosphere of this place, and their food was incredible. The customer service was excellent as the employees were very friendly. I will absolutely be visiting again, and I would recommend this restaurant to everyone. Acme Burger is located at 1007 W. College Ave, Suite Drive, Santa Rosa. They are open seven days a week and are perfect for your next burger stop!

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