Artist of the Month

Diego Rodriguez smiling for the camera (Photo: Georgia Laganiere)

by Alexa Rios, staff writer

Being the lead isn’t easy, but for Diego Rodriguez being in the spotlight is second nature. He stars in the upcoming musical, Rock Of Ages, as Drew Boley. As Diego says himself he is “a wannabe rock star who goes by the rockstar alias of Wolfgang Von Colt.” You could also have seen him as Lord Montague in Romeo and Juliet and Fezziwig in Christmas Carol.

Rios: How did you get into musical theater?

Rodriguez: I got into musical theater in kindergarten actually! We did a little play on a book called “Stuck in the Mud.” I was playing the little chicken who was stuck in the mud and that was fun. So I kind of always liked being on stage and then in high school, one of my mom’s students needed a part in a play, so I went and did that. Then I just kept doing the high school plays.

Rios: What do you like about it?

Rodriguez: Mostly the community, you know that when you’re with theater kids that people are going to be weird. So you can just be yourself and not expect anybody trying to fake it cause that’s literally our job. 

Rios: What is your favorite role and why?

Rodriguez: I liked playing Mr. Smee [in Peter Pan] because he just had a lively energy and that was really fun. I liked playing, in the “Haunt” actually, Dr. Wilson because I just got to go crazy during the night. 

Rios: What is your favorite part about your current character?

Rodriguez: I sing a lot. I sing more than I act because I’m constantly singing. 

Rios: Do you take any dancing, singing or theater classes that help with musical theater?

Rodriguez: All three! Basically forever with small breaks in between. I like to tap dance, I like to make a lot of noise, if the noise has a rhythm it’s good noise! 

Rios: What is your favorite musical?

Rodriguez: For a while, it was Hamilton because that one was absolutely great. Currently, I’m kind of obsessed with Beetlejuice, it’s the fun of the chaotic energy from the genie in Aladdin and the ability to not just be the nice guy who has to do what everybody else says.

Rios: What was the most memorable part of being in theatre?

Rodriguez: So it was during the interview process for Rock of Ages when Sean had to lean against the wall and Mrs. Yen was trying to show him how to do it and did the Johnny Bravo voice. That was hilarious. 

Rios: Is there anything you want to say to anyone who wants to get into theater?

Rodriguez: Do it! Cause if you don’t enjoy it you don’t have to do it again. If you do enjoy it you found a new space basically forever, where you can just go and enjoy.

His friend Reilly Trainor says, “He’s really funny. He’s a funny actor and an even more funny improv partner. He just picks up dance stuff instantly and is constantly dancing. Like he’s always tapping, he’s moving his arms in some way and some form. He is always singing like he’s walking through the streets and he’s singing.”

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