New clubs in MCHS

The members of the Grub Club pose for a photo during club day (Photo courtesy of Cindy Lui)

By Jungyeon Lee, graphics editor

This year’s Club Day presented a range of clubs at Maria Carrillo High School, but one lunch period can’t quite capture the variety on campus. Below are some new clubs at MCHS that students can join to gain some unique interests or simply contribute to the club culture of Carrillo. 

Freshman Esther Luvishis created the Jewish Alliance club shortly after last year’s Club Day to spread awareness about the Jewish culture. Judaism is a big part of her life and she realized that a lot of people at school don’t know much about Judaism and its surrounding culture. Most memorable to Luvishis was one of the club meetings late last school year when they could reflect on the Holocaust (Holocaust Remembrance Day is in May). Another noteworthy club meeting was when they had a guest speaker come in to talk about anti-semitism and all the different forms that has. The club is still working towards bringing in different types of students and getting the word out about what the club is really about. According to Luvishis, “A lot of people don’t understand that it’s a Jewish Alliance Club [and] that if you’re not Jewish, you can definitely still come” to learn more about the culture and socialize. Luvishis hopes that this year there will be a lot more people so the club will be able to hold bigger events and maybe coordinate with other clubs, like the Christian Outreach Club. The club gathers every Wednesday in room D-5, and welcomes everyone who is interested in joining. 

Soren Shioda, the club president for the Cooking For The Community Club, poses in front of the club day stand (Photo courtesy of Cindy Lui)

Soren Shioda, a sophomore, created the Cooking for the Community Club this year, which had its first meeting on Sep.. 28. He and his vice president Logan Meig were very interested in making a club revolving around community service related to culinary and food prepping. One of the things the club plans to do according to Shioda is “to help people and teach people how to volunteer in food prepping, because it’s usually more complicated than ordinary volunteering.” The end goal is to organize big events, probably related to Thanksgiving or Christmas season, where people would go out and prepare food at home individually and then go to a spot in the city in downtown to help people who need meals. The club will meet every Wednesday at lunch in room G-2. 

The Gaia club stand (Photo courtesy of Cindy Lui)

MCHS junior Anavi Chaliha created the Gaia Club this year as well. Chaliha has been very interested in environmental science and global issues and wondered how the Carrillo community was handling its relationship with the environment, if at all.  According to Chaliha, the club focuses on “enforcing policies that benefit the school environment as a whole, not just pertaining to climate change or pollution.” In other words, the club takes preventive measures to ensure that MCHS contributes as little as possible to climate change, not the clean-up. The club currently has some big goals, like installing solar panels, switching from plastic utensils to sustainable ones, and redoing the garden. Chaliha states, “We hope once we’re able to nurture the garden, people will start to take notice of the changes we’re making and not only inspire them to join but even take charge on their own”. The club meets weekly in Ms. Henry’s room, M-1. 

Grub Club was created by Manny Gaspar and Parece Morovat, who are both seniors. Grub Club is all about creating and uniting tall age groups on campus. Gaspar and Morovat hope that it will serve as a place for people who want to make new friends or grow their social circles. Their goal for this club is to be able to pass it down to underclassmen when they graduate next year. They also want to raise enough money for a Nintendo Switch for the students to use during the lunch period by holding a bake sale sometime in October. Many have signed up for the club, but they hope to expand even more. The club meets every Friday in G-2.

It doesn’t take meeting a lot of requirements to create a club, but it does take a lot of work and support to maintain one. We hope that students will give a few of those listed a chance as the thriving club culture at Carrillo continues to expand.

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