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Nick the Greek comes to Santa Rosa

The lamb/beef gyro meal at Nick’s (Photo: Raffaella Bravo/The Puma Prensa)

By Micah Cardona, staff writer

A flavorful, unique, and intriguing new restaurant, Nick the Greek, has come to Santa Rosa, providing Greek street food with a hint of American culture. Everything about the restaurant from the location, indoor and outdoor atmosphere, customer service, the menu, and of course the food, surely brings a smile to all faces.

Based in San Jose, the food chain just opened up their Coddingtown location this past summer. They have immediately grown in popularity in Sonoma County with amazing customer service. It is located at 282 Coddingtown Center and is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.. With a relaxing atmosphere, it has a large and varied menu, not to mention the savory food. 

I have visited this restaurant twice since its grand opening in late July. The first time I went to Nick the Greek, it had been just a few weeks since it opened. I walked in and was immediately surrounded by happy customers enjoying their food. The only concern I had was the amount of time I spent waiting for food as it totaled to be just about 30 minutes. On my second visit, I felt more relaxed and laid back as the restaurant was definitely a lot more quiet. Only a few customers were inside and the line was very short. I ordered my food and waited only about five minutes. I was very pleased with the overall dining process the restaurant provides. I felt a lot less overwhelmed like other places have brought me to feel in the past, it felt simple and relaxing. 

The overall atmosphere of the restaurant is pleasing, featuring fun cultured posters, an exceptional view of the kitchen, and comfortable dining tables and chairs.

The most exciting part about Nick the Greek was the large menu. This includes pitas, gyros, plates, bowls, salads, and sides. The meats included in these were lamb, chicken, pork, falafel, and beefteki. One of the most popular items by far is the gyro. If you are unfamiliar with this Greek dish, it is a flat pita bread wrapped with your choice of meat as well as vegetables— most commonly tomatoes and onion—tzatziki sauce, a hint of mustard sauce, and last, but most definitely not least, for the American culture, french fries! You can find these all over the world as it is a popular street food in every country, but Nick the Greek adds quality with a beautiful presentation and their own unique add ons like the ones listed above.

During both my visits, I ordered my favorite lamb gyro ($12). The meal includes the gyro, french fries, and a drink. The gyro is exceptionally large and packed with meat as well as sauce and tomatoes. I personally enjoyed every bite of my warm dish with a refreshing fountain drink. My favorite part of the gyro is the lamb. They hand cut it from a vertical rotisserie, and it goes directly into your order, guaranteeing a flavorful, juicy piece of meat every time.

Customer service at Nick the Greek could not have been any better. The employees are excited to have you come in, always having smiles on their faces. 

Overall, Nick the Greek is a very thrilling restaurant to try, especially if you’ve never had Greek food before. After both my experiences here, I can say without a doubt, Nick the Great is a must visit. 

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