Math 3 equivalency classes provide new opportunities

MCHS junior, Chloe Cunningham, doing classwork in the Social Justice Statistics Class (Photo: Ana Varea, The Puma Prensa)

By Ana Varea, staff writer

This year, more opportunities in regards to alternative math classes have been provided for Maria Carrillo Students. Many students plan on completing their three years of math as it is the graduation requirement for MCHS students. Those who are not planning on taking Math 3 have been given the opportunity to take an alternative Math 3 class. The two alternative classes offered at MCHS are Financial Applications, which is taught by math teacher Brenda Rodriguez, and Social Justice Statistics, taught by math teacher Margie Bradylong. These alternative Math 3 classes being offered for students, who prefer to take it instead of a traditional Math 3 class, are a good opportunity as it prepares students for their future. These teachings consist of projects and teachings in regards to career exploration, colleges, overtime pay, salaries, gross pay, taxes, etc. 

Financial Applications teacher, Brenda Rodriguez, discussed her view on the new alternative classes provided for those who are not sure about taking Math 3.  “I’m really excited about it. When they talked about it last year offering something besides Math 3, I was like,”Yes, we need other options other than Math 3.”  Rodriguez teaches Financial Applications and their class has completed projects so far as to career exploration and studying various schools. She believes that these classes are extremely beneficial. “I am teaching Financial Applications so the things we have done so far is learning how to figure out your pay, your gross take home pay, whether you’re being paid for overtime, paid on commission, salaries, and now we are looking at taxes.” 

“These classes help you think about, plan for, and work on things that are more real life related.” – Margie Bradylong

Emma Alvarez, MCHS senior, is in the Math 3 alternative class Financial Applications. She says, “I think it’s cool that we have these choices so we’re not forced onto one thing and it’s nice to have alternatives.”  

Social Justice Statistics teacher, Margie Bradylong, discusses her positive view on the new Math 3 alternative class, stating, “they’re a good option for students…[and] more applicable to real life.”

Bradylong also says, “These classes help you think about, plan for, and work on things that are more real life related.” 

Sofi Pardo, MCHS senior, is in the Math 3 alternative class Social Justice Statistics, taught by Bradylong. “Stats for social justice is my favorite class!”, says Pardo. “Mrs. Bradylong is an amazing teacher, and my classmates and I are lucky to have such a positive working environment!” She elaborates further on how the class focuses more on math work that is beneficial to students’ future. Pardo states, “I am really happy with the options available this year for Math 3 as they seem more useful and applicable… I’m not a math person, but I was excited to join Social Justice Statistics as social justice issues are a huge passion of mine.” 

For these additional options, “Each alternative class is well taught and students feel comfortable in them” despite their novelty to the curriculum, Pardo stated.

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