About Us

We are the student newspaper of Santa Rosa’s Maria Carrillo High School. Completely self-run, we receive our funding from advertisements. We write stories to do with our school, our community, and young people as a whole. We’ve got something for everyone with hard news, light-hearted features, reviews about your favorite sources of entertainment and opinion editorials. 

The Puma Prensa is:

Editors: Maddie Qualls & Leo Herbstman

Assistant Editor: Jon Donohue

Opinion Editor: Rose Cromwell

A&E Editor: Georgia Laganiere

Sports Editor: Luke Shimer

Features Editor: Josephine Rivera-Hoagland

Web Editor: Max Mwaniki

Business Manager: Sreya Putrevu

Social Media Manager: Alexa Rios

Staff Writers:

Aria Balador

Brooke Cregan

Camryn Tuor

Isaac Lopez

Jonathan Giron

Natalie Roe

Jungyeon Lee

Katrina Gorauskas

Maitri Rane

Raffaella Bravo

Scout Tatham

Tessa Tappe

Jackson Ruppe