MCHS Parody Instagram Accounts: Funny or Invasive?

Isaac Lopez looking at the “mariacarrillo_feet” account (Photo: Maitri Rane, The Puma Prensa) by Maitri Rane, staff writer You may have noticed multiple Instagram accounts trying to follow you with “mchs” in their names. Many of these, created by Maria Carrillo High School students, share images of students and teachers without their consent.  There are […]

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MCHS drama deparment revives ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in pandemic wake

Capture of a fierce battle between Tybalt and Mercutio (Photo: Brett Brucklacher) by Maitri Rane, staff writter After almost two hectic years of distance learning, the Maria Carrillo High School Drama Department puts on a Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet in the upper quad. Opening night was on Sept. 17, and the other three performances […]