Best ways to prepare for the summer of 2022

Made on Canva by Raffaella Bravo by Raffaella Bravo, staff writer Summer is approaching and doors are opening for opportunities–let’s not miss them. Internships, jobs, Santa Rosa Junior College classes, community service, and volunteer work are all some opportunities to build your resume, discover what you like, help develop skills and build experience for a […]


School lunch falls short for those with dietary restrictions

Maria Carrillo Students school lunch (Photo: Raffaella Bravo, The Puma Prensa) by Raffaella Bravo, staff writer Maria Carrillo High School lunches are not inclusive for students who are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-intolerant or who have nut allergies. Junior Bella Zarate almost had a severe allergic reaction to tree nuts and sesame seeds within her school lunch. […]


The countless struggles to balance work and school

(Photo: Fabi Keletakona) by Raffaella Bravo, staff writer Many Maria Carrillo students are having trouble managing their jobs and schoolwork. Handling two major and time-consuming responsibilities is challenging. This balancing act can lead to lower grades, less energy and motivation, and next to no free time, all of which can harm students’ mental health. Often, […]