Retaking math 2

Mrs. Geddes in her E1 classroom at Maria Carrillo (Photo: Camryn Tuor, The Puma Prensa) by Camryn Tuor, staff writer Over the course of online learning, 62 Maria Carrillo High School sophomores and juniors failed their highly interactive Math 2 class, now having to retake a typically sophomore dominant course with math teacher Brittney Geddes. […]


Aeries Transition Turmoil

A student attempting to open the Aeries app on their phone with an error message by Gus Cromwell, Opinion Editor, and Scout Tatham, staff writer Santa Rosa City Schools transitioned grading and scheduling software from Illuminate to Aeries over the summer of 2021. There have been numerous hurdles to overcome with the new software, and […]

Arts & Entertainment

MCHS drama deparment revives ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in pandemic wake

Capture of a fierce battle between Tybalt and Mercutio (Photo: Brett Brucklacher) by Maitri Rane, staff writter After almost two hectic years of distance learning, the Maria Carrillo High School Drama Department puts on a Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet in the upper quad. Opening night was on Sept. 17, and the other three performances […]


Coach Bryan’s legacy leaves a lasting impact

Bryan Bradley, a longtime track and cross-country coach at Montgomery High School, died on Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2021, according to school administrators. (Photo: Dean Haskins) by Katrina Gorauskas, staff writer. An inspiration to many. Motivator, father and beloved coach, Bryan Bradley was known throughout our community for his dedication as a Montgomery High School cross […]