March Madness Recap

All images from the NCAA March Madness website. By Luke Shimer, staff writer March Madness ‘21 delivered special moments for all college basketball fans. The upsets and overtime thrillers really shaped this year’s big show of the nation’s best teams. The tournament, as usual, consisted of four regions with 16 teams per region. The men’s […]

Arts & Entertainment

‘Malcolm and Marie’ brings hard questions to the table but stretches plot thin

A scene early on in Malcolm and Marie, featuring Zendaya and John David Washington By Josephine Rivera-Hoagland, staff writer At what point does a love story turn into a story about love? Two people collide by chance and begin a “will they, won’t they” journey, but when it turns into a relationship full of compromise […]

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Women in politics reclaim fashion to spread their ideas

Image above compiled by Prensa staff from NDTV and People by Georgia Laganiere, Business and Social Media manager Female politicians are a relatively new concept in American politics. However, what is even newer is the idea that women in political positions are fashion icons. From the press Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez received from her State of the […]

Arts & Entertainment

Marvel Studios releases first big TV show to Disney+, but does it rival the movies?

Image from Marvel Studios promotional art by Jon Donohue, staff writer On Jan. 15, 2021, Marvel Studios released the TV show WandaVision, which takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU. The show stars Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olson, both returning to their roles as Vision and the Scarlet Witch, respectively. WandaVision takes place […]


Letters to the Editor, March 21

Re: Returning to School From: Rider Baker, Junior With schools set to reopen towards the end of April, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the reopening of schools. For starters, there is the obvious health risk to students, administrators, teachers, and everyone else who comes into contact with them. With all that said, if […]

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Quarantine companions

By Maddie Qualls, staff writer The hardships of quarantine seem less terrible when you have a pet by your side. As the pandemic drones on, pet-owning Maria Carrillo High School students find relief in their companions, old and new.  A survey administered to 316 MCHS students revealed that over 77 percent of survey respondents owned […]