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Quarantine companions

By Maddie Qualls, staff writer The hardships of quarantine seem less terrible when you have a pet by your side. As the pandemic drones on, pet-owning Maria Carrillo High School students find relief in their companions, old and new.  A survey administered to 316 MCHS students revealed that over 77 percent of survey respondents owned […]


Carrillo students try balancing isolation with outside world

Image created by Prensa staff by Josephine Rivera-Hoagland As the anniversary of our self-imposed quarantine begins to come round the corner, many students are left wondering where they stand in this desolate world. Up until recently, it seemed as though a twisted dystopian society had arisen–people confined to their homes, forced to wear filters before […]


A look into the lives of students with 504 plans

by Maddie Qualls, staff writer Inhibited by pain, discomfort, or preoccupation with their health concerns, students with disabilities, health conditions, or disorders have a more challenging experience in school than their peers. Luckily, 504 plans are available to these students.  According to MCHS assistant principal and 504 coordinator Andrew Campbell, 504 plans are “part of […]


Coronavirus screenings to improve over time

By Max Mwaniki, staff writer Quarantines, lockdowns, closures, and new protocols put in place have changed everyone’s normal day to day lives ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Various buildings like hospitals, urgent cares, and healthcare centers have implemented screenings. With this system there are benefits and downfalls. Entering a building that requires […]